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ReductStore CLI

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The ReductStore CLI is a command line client for ReductStore, a time series database for blob data. It is written in Python and uses the ReductStore Client SDK for Python.


We don't maintain this repository anymore, consider using the Rust version of the CLI:


  • Support for ReductStore API v1.8
  • Easy management of buckets, tokens and replications
  • Ability to check the status of a storage engine
  • Aliases for storing server credentials
  • Export and mirror data


  • Python >= 3.9
  • pip


To install the ReductStore CLI, simply use pip:

pip install reduct-cli


Check with our demo server:

rcli alias add -L -t reduct play
rcli server status play
rcli bucket ls --full play
rcli export folder play/data . --inlcude size=big